Race Track Intense | 65 Pieces

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Endless racing pleasure with this Cleverclixx 65-piece Race Track Pack. With this fun intense set, your child will work to build the coolest racing tracks at different levels. Traffic signs, a self riding car, and pillars are supplied for extra pleasure.

Cleverclixx also grows with your kids. From the age of 3 they can get started on learning the 3D Building concept. As they get older, more complex buildings can be made and, in primary school, it is even a useful tool for mathematical exercises.

Even better! Build against the radiator or other magnetic surfaces and make a vertical artwork. Or draw all kinds of letters and numbers with erasable markers and get creative with the Cleverclixx Magnetic Building Sets.

We sometimes get the comment that you cannot make every job listed on the box. Cleverclixx belongs to the Open Ended Play category, so you are expected to get creative yourself. You can make 100 different creations with this race track. So just make up your own version!

Product details

Magnetic construction also belongs to the open-ended-play category. The great thing about this type of toy is that it is enormously versatile. Let your little one discover for themselves what he or she can do with it. This is how you stimulate the imagination and creativity of your child.

Together or alone, playing with the Cleverclixx Magnetic Tiles stimulates STEAM learning and helps your child develop motor skills. It is also being used more and more in pre- and primary schools.

What is STEAM and why is it so popular? STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics. STEAM is certainly not a mere trend but reflects an important change in education. The goal is therefore to make learning more practical. Children can therefore grow up with the skills needed to find a good job and to help improve society later.

Our passion at Cleverclixx is to create educational toys that inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning. We believe that learning should be playful, accessible, and innovative. That is why we strive to design toys that are not only fun to play with but also offer children opportunities to discover and learn new skills.

Discover the different Cleverclixx sets: small, medium, large, pastel or intense colours, ball track, etc. Do you need help choosing the right set? We are happy to help you. Just send us a message or email to hello@cleverclixx.com.

Product features
  • Intense
  • From 3 years
  • 65 pieces
  • MABS plastic
  • Free of BPA
  • 2.7 kg
  • Certificates: CPSC, CE, EN71, ASTM
  • 6096125953998
  • CC-1011
Package content

8 ramps

6 corners

10 traffic signs

1 blue or red car

8 small squares

20 pillars

12 rectangles

Why Cleverclixx?

  • Open play - Endless learning
  • Supporting educational organizations
  • Stimulates fine motor skills & structured thinking
  • Family play time
  • Tag us in your creativity #cleverclixx

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Annelyn Van Zandbergen

Top speelgoed!

Liesbeth Kwakernaak
Ontzettend leuk speelgoed

Zodra het kado was uitgepakt en opgebouwd heeft m’n zoontje van 3 er continue mee gespeeld ! Inmiddels hebben we ook de knikkerbaan echt super leuk

Mieke Lambrecht
Leuk en mooi speelgoed

Mooi uitdagend speelgoed, er zitten te weinig bochten in om bepaalde ideeën na te bouwen. Je kan de bochten niet apart kopen, dus moest ik een 2e set aankopen.
Bij mijn kleuters in de klas ben ik wat bang dat het pinnetje van de auto snel zou afbreken.
Voorlopig enkel thuis getest en dochter van 10 vindt het heel leuk.

Lien Verlaak
Tof speelgoed

Een hele leuke racetrack! De kinderen kunnen dit gemakkelijk bouwen en de autootjes rijden heel fijn. Wat wel jammer is, is dat er hee weinig bochten in zitten. Voor kindjes onder de 4jaar voldoende, maar voor oudere kindjes die wel wat complexere bouwwerken willen maken, echt te weinig. We hebben uiteindelijk een doos extra besteld omdat de elementen ook niet los te verkrijgen zijn. Nu wordt er wel heel veel mee gespeeld.

robin kreijne
Leuk speelgoed te weinig bochten

Heel leuk. Alleen echt te weinig bochten. Je betaald heel veel geld voor een pakket. Ik vind het dan niet netjes dat er te weinig bochten in zitten. We kunnen geen enkele baan maken die in het boekje staat. Dat vind ik echt een heel groot min punt.