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Cleverclixx B2C
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Why Cleverclixx

Why Cleverclixx

Cleverclixx is a European brand that has existed since 2023. At Cleverclixx we care about people and we bring families together to build together and discover the magic of Cleverclixx. With this brand, we want to give something back to our society and our community.

With a proportion of the profit Cleverclixx makes, we want to educate children and offer them a fun environment. Every child deserves to discover the joy and magic of Cleverclixx. That is why we carefully select worldwide organisations that support mothers and children.


Cleverclixx takes your safety, health and well being as our top priority. All the magnetic-tiles are riveted, made with the stronger magnets, ultrasonic welding, and created from food grade ABS plastic. An ideal match for 36 months+ children to build up their creative World. The toys are perfect for construction play. Building a range of 2D and 3D shapes, Cleverclixx toys offer children multiple education benefits, such as: creativity, motor skill development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and STEAM concepts.µ

Cleverclixx at school

If we want to consider the ‘social responsibility’ aspect, then we immediately think of schools. Cleverclixx is primarily an educational toy. Where therefore is the best place to introduce this toy to children? At school! We offer special sets that teachers can use at school.

This way, children at school also get to know many different ways to get started. Children are still learning but in a playful way. In this way, the process becomes so much more fun & children learn a lot.

Cleverclixx: European brand

Cleverclixx is a European brand that has existed since 2023. We deliver our magnetic sets worldwide from Belgium.

All the different Cleverclixx sets have a CE marking. CE stands for Conformité Européenne. This indicates that our products meet all the legal requirements within the European Union.

What is Cleverclixx made of?

Cleverclixx magnetic tiles are made of ABS plastic. This is a safe type of plastic that can also be used in contact with food. In other words, it is food-safe plastic. By using this material in all our tiles, we are producing a very sustainable toy. The magnetic tiles last for years and therefore do not break so quickly.

Reflection & figure tiles

Each Cleverclixx tile has a beautiful figure in the shape of a star. If you build the magnetic sets against a window and you look outside, you suddenly see the world in a lot more playful way! Kids Just Love It!

With the sun on the window shining through the colourful tiles, you create a wonderful reflection.

Because there is a star on the tile, there are much fewer scratches. Scratches can, of course, be caused if your child plays with it, but these are much less visible than with other well-known brands which have magnetic tiles on the market.



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