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Cleverclixx B2C
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Guest Blog | Teacher Lieve
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Guest Blog | Teacher Lieve

We were absolutely thrilled to put this Cleverclixx set through its paces!!! Each of the 25 pre-schoolers in our Year 3 kindergarten class are huge fans!!! What a top-notch product!!

Open-ended play

As a teacher, I have a deep appreciation for open-ended toys, and Cleverclixx is no exception. These magnetic tiles inspire pre-schoolers to use their imagination, turning playtime into a creative adventure. What’s fantastic about Cleverclixx is how effortlessly they integrate with other toys, offering endless opportunities for imaginative and creative play.

The set includes different shapes that children love to combine in numerous ways. Some enjoy sorting and building by colour, while others prefer to mix and match to create vibrant structures. They discover how to build doors, windows and roof tops without them collapsing,... It’s a joy to see them continuously adding new elements and building on previous play experiences.

Development opportunities

It’s wonderful to watch the children collaborate on projects using Cleverclixx. They consult sample cards, look at pictures of previous constructions and even draw up new building plans together. Always in consultation with each other. The children are also very excited about their constructions and we like to look back on them together at group time, as new building ideas often emerge during these review moments.

Through their play, the children explore concepts of magnetism, and learn about 2D and 3D figures, geometric concepts and spatial awareness. Combining Cleverclixx with magnetic letters, numbers, rhyme cards and a light table enhances the learning experience even further. The possibilities are endless, providing a wealth of developmental opportunities!

Last but not least, Cleverclixx are not only engaging but also incredibly sturdy, making them a durable addition to our classroom.

I’m already looking forward to seeing the children’s next creations and exploring possible expansion sets!

Both the pre-schoolers and I are huge fans of Cleverclixx. I wholeheartedly recommend this product – it’s a true winner in our classroom!

Mrs Lieve



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